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Tour of Enlightenment

Lumbini TourDay 01: Kathmandu Arrival / Transfer to Hotel / Free Afternoon / A familiarization walk with a guide in the evening

Day 02: Morning yoga at 6:30 before breakfast
A tour of Newari Buddhist City of Patan. Visit few of its many ancient monastery architecture well decked with various statues, metal gildings, woodcarvings and other spiritual objects. The northern wing of the Patan Palace has been developed as a museum managed by Austrian Government. Visit to this museum would enlighten on spiritual aspect of the city.

Day 03: Morning yoga at 6:30 before breakfast Drive to Shyambhunath chaitya residing on a hillock offering wonderful view of valley. This is one of the ancient monument of Kathmandu valley and is a center of pilgrimage for Buddhists from all around the world. Legend of Shyambhunath is related with origin of Kathmandu Valley and first Buddhist settlement here. The hillock is also abode of monasteries belonging to various sects of Tibetan Buddhism. Next we will drive to Kopan Monastery. Kopan Monastery is probably the biggest monastery housing more than 750 monks and nuns from Himalaya. Beside its spiritual significance this monastery in the Gelug tradition of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism is quite famous as it provides various opportunities for non initiates to practice Buddhism mediation and share the merits in Pujas. Next we will drive to Baudhanath, a Tibetan settlement of Kathmandu after Cultural Revolution in Tibet. Here we can visit Thanka Painting School where a Buddhist philosophy is depicted on canvas with months (sometimes years) of meditative work.

Day 04 & 05: Fly to Lumbini the birth place of Gautam Buddha. As millions of Buddhists believes stepping on this sacred land itself sanctify ones bad karma. Beside monumental sites there are more than three dozen of monasteries build by Buddhists from various countries and a Buddhist museum.

Day 06: Fly back to Kathmandu. Free afternoon.

Day 07: Morning yoga at 6:30 before breakfast
Visit few other places as per your interest including Industrial Area.

Day 08: Drive to Airport and fly back

Additional Options: 

  • Extend your stay for two more nights and visit Pokhara (Tibetan Refugee Camps, World Peace Stupa, Internatioanl Mountaineering Museum and more)
  • Stay in our Yoga Retreat Center for couple of night with extra activities of rafting, brid watching and  village tour.

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