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Climbing in Nepal

About Expedition and climbing in Nepal

Climbing in nepalFor those looking for little more than trekking, Nepal has trekking peaks to offer. There are 18 minor peaks recognized as 'Trekking Peaks' open for Alpine climbing under Nepal Mountaineering Association. The climbing of these peaks is controlled under the rules & regulations formulated by this Association. Detailed information & application for climbing permits are available from the Association’s Office or contact us (Adrift Adventures Nepal) as we are the member of the NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association). Difficulty in Peak Climbing
It should be noted that in most cases the climbing of these minor peaks (Trekking Peaks) required snow and Ice climbing experience. By Himalayan standards these are considered minor peaks, but in fact some of them provide relatively challenging snow and Ice climbing of high standard, & more so in Winter.Peak climbing Permit
Permit is necessary for climbing these peaks. Climbing permit could be issued only by legitimate agency within Nepal and a climbing guide is essential. Adrift Adventures Nepal provides qualified & trained climbing guides and well equipped supporting team for any climb and expedition in Nepal.

Fixed Departure Dates for Peak climbing in 2008 - 09

Island peak: (21 days)
Dates: Sept 20th | Oct. 15th | Nov 06th | March 28th | April 20th | May 12th

Mera Peak: (20 days)
Dates: Oct. 12th, 18th | March 22nd | April 12th

Pharcheamo Peak: (22 days)
Dates: Oct. 04th

Tharpu Chuli (Tent peak): (18 Days)
Dates: Oct. 25th

Climbing Fee structure:

Group A
Royalty for upto seven members (U.S Dollars) 500.00
Royalty for each additional member upto 12 person (U.S. Dollars) 100.00

Mt.Cholatse 6440 | Mt.Machermo 6237 | Mt.Kyazo Ri 6186 | Mt.Nirekha 6186 Mt.Langsisa Ri 6427 | Mt.Ombigaichen 6340 | Mt.Bokta 6143 | Mt.Chekijo 6257 | Mt.Phari Lapcha 6017 | Mt.Lobuja | Mt.Larkya Peak 6249 | Mt.ABI 6097 | Mt.Yubra Himal 6035 | Mt.Yala 5732 | Mt.Chhukung Ri

Group B
1-4 persons 350.00 only
5-8 persons 350.00 plus 40.00(per person)
9-12 persons 510.00 plus 25.00(per person)
Note:Maximum number of members in team is 12.

Peaks: Shigu Chuli(fluted peak) 6501 | Mera Peak 6654 | Kusum Kangru 6367 | Kwandge 6011 | Chulu West 6419 | Imja-tse(Island Peak) 6160 | Pharchamo 6187 | Lobuje 6119 | Ramdung 5925 | Pisang 6091 | Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak) 5663 | Khongma-tse(Mehar Peak) 5849 | Ganja-la Chuli(Naya Kanga) 5844 | Pokhalde 5806 | Mardi Himal 5587 Paldor 5,896

Climbing Reports from the Himalaya

Climbing Spring 2008

A record breaking climbing seasonAfter the Olympic flame reached the top on may 8, record breaking climbing started on the south side of the Everest. On 22 May, 86 mountaineers reached the summit of the everest keeping the record. 77 years old Min Bahadur Serchan became the oldest man on Chomolungma on May 25. Yuichiro Miura from Japan became the second oldest man to climb Everest. Apa Sherpa broke his own record by climbing Everest for 18th time. Other mountains climbed this spring
Ivan Vallejo from Ecuador beacam the 14th person to climb all the world's 14 highest mountain on May 1. Austrian mountaineer Gerlinde kaltenbrunner in on the path to become a first woman to climb all 14 eight thousanders. She successfully climbed Dhaulagiri I and Makalu this year.

Mountaineers Punished

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