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Praise to Holy Kailash Mansarovar
As it is described in great Hindu epic Ramayana "There is no mountain like Himalayas, for on it are Kailash and Mansarovar. As the due is dried up by the morning sun, so are the sins of mankind by the sight of Himachal." Mt. kailash (22,000ft) stands as only virtue for an absolution of living creature.
Mt. Kailash is revered in the Sanskrit literature as the abode of Lord Shiva the destroyer and transformer of the Hindu Triad, and his divine consort Parvati. Mt. Kailash as it's manifestation of Mt. Meru has an important role in great churning of "Thesis Sea". (Mahasagar Manthan) This extraordinary mountain is regarded as the 'heart of the universe' by Hindus, Buddhists, the Jains and the Bons. In the same periphery of this sacred mountain, twin lakes of Mansarovar and Rakshas Taal are situated which are supposedly a place for heavenly ablution as on it still people can observe god and goddess taking an ablution.

16 Days Kailash Mansarovar yatra (Tour)

A great mass of black rock soaring to over 22,000 feet, Mt. Kailash has the unique distinction of being the world's most venerated holy place at the same time that it is the least visited. The supremely sacred site of four religions and billions of people, Kailash is seen by no more than a few thousand pilgrims each year. This curious fact is explained by the mountain's remote location in far western Tibet. No planes, trains or buses journey anywhere near the region and even with rugged over-land vehicles the journey still requires weeks of difficult, often dangerous travel. The weather, always cold, can be unexpectedly treacherous and pilgrims must carry all the supplies they will need for the entire journey.

The different practices based on the three Vedas, Samkhya, Yoga, Pashupata-mata, Vaishhnava-mata etc. are but different paths (to reach to the Greatest Truth) and people on account of their different aptitude choose from them whatever they think best and deserved to be accepted. But as the sea is the final resting place for all types of streams, You (Holy Kailash) are the only reaching place for all people whichever path, straight or zigzag, they may accept.

16 Days Kailash Mansarovar Yatra (Tour)

Day 01:

Kathmandu Arrival/ transfer to hotel/

if time permits we will be visiting Pashupatinath for Arati tour at 5:30pm (between 50: to 7:30pm).

Day 02:
Morning: breakfast/ guided tour of Kathmandu holy sites including Pashupatinath, Boudanath/Soyambhunath and Nilkantha Narayan. Back to hotel for lunch. Afternoon: final preparation for Yatra. Personal gear and equipment will be checked. If anyone needs o buy or rent any gear we can assist you
Day 03:
Drive from Kathmandu to Nyalam (3700m) 175 Km /9 hrs. Over Night at Guesthouse.
Journey begins early in the morning (around 5am). Breakfast in hotel (or packed breakfast on the way/ Kodari), the road follows the river valleys of the Sunkosi and Bhotakosi rivers, passing through green mountains and cliffs. By the noon we get to the Tibetan boarder. Depending on the road conditions, we may stay in Zhangmu. If road conditions permit, we will continue 30km to Nyalam
Day 04:
Rest Day for acclimatization Over Night at Guesthouse:
Nyalam (3700m) This day gives us a chance to relax and acclimatize to the high altitude. It is important to stay hydrated and extremely aware of your body’s physical condition
Day 05:
Drive to Saga (4200m) 232km / 8 hrs. Over Night at Guesthouse / Camp:
The road climbs up to the, La Lung (5124m) then drops down before heading western part of Tibet. Road to east goes to Lhasa, capital city of Tibet. The driving is difficult, but the stunning views of the Himalayas and in particular Shisha Pangma (8012m) more than make up for the rough travel. By late afternoon we will cross the Bhramaputra river and a quick drive will bring us to Saga
Day 06: Drive to Paryang (4500m) 285 km / 8 hrs. Over Night at Guesthouse / Camp:
Our jeeps and trucks roll through the gigantic valleys following the various rivers through the grazing lands of yaks and sheep. The landscape is highlighted by snow capped peaks rising out of the distant sand dunes. Depending on the season, many Tibetan nomads and traders in traditional dress will inhabit this area.
Day 07: Drive to Lake Manasarovar (400m) 298km / 9 hrs. Over Camp:
This is the longest driving day of the trip. By late afternoon the drive through the green pastures and huge valleys gives way to the first sighting of Mt Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. We will drive to Thogu holiest bathing gate of Manas.
Day 08: Drive to Tarchen (4600m) 60km Over Night at Guesthouse:
Lake Manasarovar (4500m) Lake Manasarovar is regarded as the most holy of all of Tibet’s many lakes. According to Hindu and Buddhist cosmology the four great rivers of the Indian sub-continent, the Brahmaputra, Sutlej, Ganges, and Indus all arise from the lake. It is said that Lord Vishnu floated in it for an eternity, dreaming, until the life force stirred, and out of the water’s infinite potential sprang forth all of creation. This day offers a wonderful opportunity to see the great lake Manasarover with mt. Gurula Mandhata (7728m) on south and Holy Kailash on the north. After bath and Puja drive to Tarchen via Chiu monastery and hot spring.
Day 09: A day to prepare for the Kora (Those who are interested and fit can trek or ask jeep driver to take Austapad for Puja, please be ready for tips to driver for the extra work). We can readjust the day as per the needs.
Day 10: Drive to Tarboche (5 km) trek to Dirapuk (4800m) Over Night at Camp:
Our first day of trekking around Kailash begins at Tarpuche. As we make our way along the route we pass numerous chortens as well as the sky burial site of the 84 Mahasiddas. We will also have wonderful views of cascading creeks, streaming water falls and the mighty west face of Kailash. We will pass the Chukku Gompa and 5 hrs later arrive at the Dirapuk Gompa where we will set up camp for the night. Total hiking for the day will be 15 km 7 hrs
Day 11: Trek to Zutulpuk Gompa (4790m) Over Night at Camp:
The hardest but holiest day of the pilgrimage. We will cross through a rocky expanse dotted with stone cairns draped with the clothes offered by pilgrims as a spiritual sign of death. Gaurikunda is one of the holiest sites to view/ visit from the top. Further hiking brings us to the accent up to Dolma-La pass (5630m). After a nice break at the top of the pass we will head down the steep trail to our eventual campsite at Zutul-Puk Monastery (the cave of miracles where Milarepa meditated) Total hiking for the day will be 18 km 8 hrs
Day 12: Trek to Tarchen and drive to Manasarovar Hor Over Night at Camp: Trek to Tangsar Tangmar and drive to Manasarovar Hor a 3 hrs walk brings us to where the river emerges onto the Borkha plain. Our jeeps will be waiting to transport us to our camp at Lake Mansarovar
  Day 13 : Drive to Dongba(345km) 10 hr
  Day 14 : Drive to Nyalam (296km) 8-9hrs
  Day 15 : Drive to Kathmandu (163 km) 6-7 hrs / Stay in hotel / celebrate successful trip with banquet for all yatris
  Day 16 : Transportation to airport / departure.

Tour Prices : Go to the Top

Group size: 24+
Price 55000.00 for regular trip with 62model jeep
(US $1500.00 for NRI)

Price 65000.00 for regular deluxe trip with 4500model jeep
(US $1900.00 for NRI)

Single Supplement: USD 150/IRS6500.00 per person for regular package and US $300.00/IRs13000.for Indian passport holders.
01. WE ARE able to be on first position in 2006 as well (continuously 3 years). Thank you so much for your great support to keep us on the 1st position for last 3 years. You are the one who pushed us to be there. Be sure, we will be working for quality not quantity as usual.
02. On our regular trips (Super Standard Package-economic in time and budget) 13/14 days will be spending in Tibet side and 2/3 days in Nepal with activities. Pashupatinath, Manasarover, Nandi (Austapad hills) and Holy Kailash Kora are the some of the high lights of theYatra.

03. Be a well-informed, get ideas with experience yatris for the preparation. It is very tough yatra with full of risks on each moment since you will be on thin air, roof of the earth for weeks with only very basic comforts. Carry a good health report from Doctor with your medical history if possible.
04. If you plan to stay a few days longer we can support you with additional such as activities such as Himalayan viewing flights (to view Gauri Shankar and Mt. Everest), Manakamana and Muktinath trip.
05. We will be running private (smaller) group as per demand as earlier years.
06. Our trips including Lhasa (flight) or Trek from Simkot will be running for those who love to follow adventures route.
07. Longer trip to holy Kailash is always possible with additional cost.

Package Includes

All transportation in Nepal (bus) and Tibet (4x4 Landcruisers)
Experienced support team / English speaking guide-group leader
All accommodations and vegetarian meals in Tibet
3 nights accommodation in high quality hotel in Kathmandu including breakfast and dinner
Guided sightseeing /darsan tour of Kathmandu
All permits/visas for Tibet (free 3 day Nepali transit visa)
Transportation for luggage and staff in Tibet
Yaks for hauling group and personal gear during trek
All sleeping gear (tents, sleeping bags, camping mattress)
End of trip Banquet
Walking stick / sun hat
Kailash Yatra DVD on request

Package Does Not Included

Airline ticket to / from Kathmandu
Airport departure tax
Medical and travel insurance / rescue costs
Expenses of a personal nature such as bar bills, laundry, phone calls, bottled drinks, etc
Any additional itinerary options
Helper/ Yaks/ Horse to support individual on the trekking days.