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The only country of South Asia that survived British colonization, Nepal has nourished its own culture from hundreds of years. The Sub Himalayan geographical intricacy isolated the inhabitants in landmasses for long time, which caused the development of vivid culture of their own. Though Nepal is basically about Nature and Himalaya, this could be a great place to witness medieval arts and traditions that its populace still caries on. While at one place you will find the amalgamation of Hinduism and Buddhism, in other hand diversity prevails in rituals and beliefs within every geographical landmasses.
Our tour packages offer several ways to experience Nepal. While you see the exquisite Himalaya, you can feel its enchantment that influences the daily life of these mountain People.
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Nepal Tour Packages

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Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal Tour includes:

Kathmandu Valley Tour:
Duration: 4 night 5 days
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The 218 sq miles of Kathmandu valley is booming with over 130 important monuments with 7 of them recognized as World heritage Sites by UNESCO. The valley comprises three historical cities with several villages surrounded by verdant hills renowned for the magnificent view of the Himalaya.

Pokhara Tour:
Pokhara is renowned as the 'natural capital' of Nepal for its astounding setting of beautiful lakes with lush hills offering panoramic view of the Himalaya. With the backdrop of three 8,000 m mountains, Pokhara provides the ground for various adventure activities such as trekking, mountaineering, rafting and paragliding.

Jungle Safari:
Large portion of Nepal is being protected as National Parks and Wild Life Reserves. These protected areas are glorified with diverse wildlife and exotic bird species for which Chitwan National Park is also recognized by UNESCO as Natural Heritage Site. A full board package based in safari lodges gives you chance to explore the jungle on elephant back, four wheel drive, guided jungle walk, canoe ride and more.

Lumbini Tour:
Lumbini Tour (The birth place of Buddha):
Beside being the center of reverence for Buddhist, Lumbini is also an evidence of ancient civilization. Marvelous excavation works have revitalized various edifices from before the time of Christ. The Modern Lumbini is 3 sq miles of planned area with Sacred Garden, Monastic Zone and Lumbini Village.

Mountain Flight:
An hour's flight towards Mt. Everest from Kathmandu unravels maze of charismatic Himalayan peaks. It is one of the best ways to discover the legendary Himalayas.

Bandipur and Tansen:
Bandipur and Tansen are ancient mountain towns, once pivotal for Trans Himalayan Trade. Cradled in the saddle of some of the country's beautiful hills, Bandipur and Tansen offer a breathtaking sweep of the Himalayan Range. These mountain towns also exhibit rich cultural and architectural heritage.

Why Adrift's Nepal Tour ?

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