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Rafting   • Sunkoshi River

Sunkoshi River Rafting

River of  Gold
Sun Koshi river rafting
Sunkosi is one of the top ten river rafting tours in the world. The Sunkosi rafting tour traverses 272 kms though the untouched countryside and small village of the wonderful 'Mahabharat Range' mountain of csenteral Himalaya. The put in point   lies 3 hrs east form Kathmandu at Dolaghat and the end point is at chatra, near Dharan .The Sun Kosi volume increases considerably as it combines with seven big tributaries to become one of the major rivers of south Asia.

Kayaking in Sunkoshi RiverRiver Information
Departure point: kathmandu
River days: 8 days
River distance: 272kms
Rafting starts at: dolalghat
Rafting end at: chattra
Outward travel time: 3 hours
River grade: IV - V
Return travel time: 14 hours
Fixed Departure Dates 08:
Apr 15 | May 18 | June 01, 13 | August 31 | Sep. 20 | Oct. 08, 18, 27 | Nov. 05, 15, 19

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Day 01: At 7 am meet in Ktm. office - store baggage and finalize plans, a quick breakfast then we drive to Dolalghat i.e. put-in-point of Sun TKOs. The drive is spectacular with magnificent view of the Himalayan Ranges on a clear day. Upon arrival at sun kosi (Dolalghat), we unload gears, lunch will be served and a full safety briefing will be given by your expedition leader. The first and second days are easy paddling. The big rapid you will encounter on that day is of class 4+ rapid "Rotten Cave". We will choose our beach campsite, where dinner will be served amidst the splendor of the star filled sky.
Day 02: Have breakfast pack up the gear and start  rolling down the river. Today you will encounter a big class 4+ rapid " Meat grinder". It is fairly straight run down the center avoiding holes left and right. A few meters below here the Tamba Kosi river joins the Sun Kosi on the left with a beach on the confluence. There is another beautiful Shiva temple overlooking the two rivers. We camp here.
Day 03: Today a few kms below the confluence of the Likhu Khola is a short, class 3+ rapid. Pre-Anxiety soon followed by a long class 4 rapid High Anxiety with a large hole on the left halfway down and a series of holes at the bottom. Float a while and then camp.
Day 04: This day starts with several class 3+ rapids  then a quick stop for buying food and maybe beer. Then prepare for a big and interesting one Harkapur 2 and 3 the hardest rapid on the river which should be carefully scouted. Camp
Day 05:  Some km below Harkapur, Dudh Kosi river joins the Sun  Kosi from the left. Below here the river widens into an arid area of gravel. You meet some small rapids an will teach you into another aptly named rapid 'Jaws'. Camp 

Day 06: Today is a hard day as you will be encounter most of the grade 4+ rapids - you are straight into good exciting rapid "Rhino Rock" which is a grade 4+ followed by "Jungle Corridor" a kilometer of continuous white water. Waterfalls cascade on both sides of the river. One waterfall makes a great spot for a team shower. Camp

Day 07: Last few days are mainly wave trains if you are interested you can try kayaking where our experts will teach you the basic skills needed to maneuver the boats or learn the Eskimo roll. Camp

Day 08: The last stretch of river which brings you to the last class 4+ Big Dipper is a series of huge standing waves. A few kilometer later Big Arun and Tamur rivers joins together to form the Sapta Kosi. Then you float along on the powerful current , the hills dramatically give way to totally flat Terai and the northern plains of India. This is the end of a classic and memorable river journey. We will finish our trip around 2 pm pack the gear and then drive back to Kathmandu around 4 pm from Chattra. This takes around 13/14 hours .
For the 9 and 10 day expeditions you follow the same route as above and start and finish at the same times on the first and last days. There is an extra day on the 9 day expedition to allow for the fluctuations in the speed of the water. If the water is still flowing fast, you can enjoy a rest day in the middle of the trip to relax, play volleyball or go for a walk. The 10 day expedition gives the extra day rafting to allow for a slightly lower flow of water and a rest day.

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Sun Kosi Rafting

The sun kosi offers varied & changing landscape form terraced farmland to steep gorges and then to subtropical jungles. Each night, we camp on large sandy river banks in close contact  with village people and rewarding sights of wildlife. Watching the moon rise with the sound of the river, the noise of wild animals, drinking, singing, dancing, and playing games by  candle light make this river rafting tour exclusive experience. Just before the end of our rafting trip ,we float by the great Hindu temple of Shiva at Baraha chhetra  and then, just around the corner, the hills dramatically give way to the flat lands of the Terai and the northern plains of India stretching endlessly before us. Form the take out point you can go on  to the chitwan national park or fly back one hour  form Britnagar. This river is a BIG volume HIGH adrenaline expedition!!!